Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Power of Intimacy

A question I get asked a lot is the magic formula to do great work. There is an inherent charm in believing that an exotic potion is all one needs to surpass himself, make his mark in the world and live a fulfilling and complete life.

However, the wiser of us know that there is no secret elixir hidden somewhere in the woods. We all know the standard recipe for success, which includes a heavy dose of hard work, a large dollop of perseverance and a dash of madness.

Let us now focus on the components discussed above. Madness needs a daredevil attitude, a love for the unexpected and a high degree of confidence in self. However, the other two attributes can be a bit elusive especially when demanded over a long period of time, consistently.

The next big question is, then, how does one grab the bull by the horns? I commiserate with the reader if he has felt the pangs of frustration when trying to be persistent and keeping the work levels at the maximum. Maintaining hard work and perseverance can be frustrating, especially if the results are not immediate and tend to be over the horizon.

What is the key then? The key is to love your task so much that you forget all but your craft. The key is to feel so passionate about the task at hand that any distraction, any shiny short term glory seems devoid of sheen when put in contrast with the magnificent glory of your innate fire which burns only for the task.

The road to Rome is not so simple, though. How does one love a task so much? How does one ignite the fire of passion which will keep burning without being quenched by greed and glory? How does one truly feel the power of desire?

The key to that is a key to not only greatness in work, but greatness in all aspects of the life. That key will allow you to feel the love for many critical parts of your life, and when you put in hard work, perseverance and a ting of madness in those parts of your life, a legendary and happy life will greet you with open arms.

The way to love something or someone is to appreciate the beauty that lies inside the object, person or task. The way is to see what only you can see, to gaze in wonder at the magical components of the subject and to truly appreciate the chance to witness such a wonder.

Which brings me to the most important point of all. To witness such a beauty, to enter the inner sanctum, you need to know the subject to a deep level, and to know something or somebody to the core, you need to intimately engage with them.

Take a look at a lego box. The small insignificant pieces that are scattered around, when combined in just the right way, build an astonishing piece of marvel. It is the same with anything else. The small components, gestures and emotions which might be touted as insignificant and not deserving of your priceless attention might be the cogs in the machinery of magic that you wish to build.

When interacting with your life, be passionate and inherently curious. Know the inner details of your task. Know exactly how the radio that you are trying to fix works. Know the exact emotions that someone important in your life will be feeling when faced with a situation. Be intimate to a level where the object or person has no qualms in spilling their inner workings and feelings to you, so that you become a piece in the jigsaw puzzle and help in making the object or the life of the person important to you, better.

There is an enigmatic charm and joy in knowing that you connect with a piece of nature to the core and can contribute to the improvement of the same. When you focus all your attention and curiosity at something and someone, the outer layers just keep falling away and what is left is what matters.


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